AMG GT, GT S and GT C Coupes

With an unsurpassed motorsports pedigree behind it, the racers at Mercedes-AMG developed the GT to be a pure sports car with an ideal sense of balance. From its proportions to its sound, every element reveals its purpose, and its passion.

2018 AMG GT Coupe
2018 AMG GT Coupe

Progressive ideas, aggressive results

The AMG DYNAMIC PLUS Package is optional on the AMG GT S, standard on the GT C. Dynamic engine and transaxle mounts use electromagnetic fluid to progressively stiffen to keep handling precise. Power peaks over a wider rev-range in the Manual and Race modes. And the chassis is tuned to a more aggressive profile.

A shrine to high performance

The cockpit envelops your body, heightens your senses, and connects with your instincts. A dramatic, V-shaped console and crisp readouts convey the power of precision. The thick steering wheel and intuitive controls put you in command and at ease. Contoured AMG Performance seats support your every move.

2018 AMG GT Coupe